Welcome to this, my first blog ever, in which I plan to share my experience and knowledge gained as a commercial and contract manager for small- to medium-sized tech firms.  My specialty is working with SMEs that provide software and services, ranging from small app developers and cloud services providers to companies in the telecommunications and mobile financial services space.

I’ve been doing this – almost always challenging – work for over 14.  It’s been an interesting journey that has never been dull, though often stressful, and has taken me from coastal Australia to Belgium, Germany and now the mountains of Switzerland.  All of this thanks to technology that lets me work whenever is necessary from wherever I am with incredibly diverse and interesting people around the world.

As interesting as the journey itself was also my start in this field, the details of which I’m saving for my next post.  Although I had a background in the software industry, I didn’t have specific training in contract management or a law degree, and had only had limited exposure to contracts during my time as a project manager.  This meant that I had to learn quickly in my first year, starting literally at the low point of Sydney Harbour, eventually levelling off on the flatlands of the Benelux, navigating challenges like the Rhine river, through varied landscapes and around obstacles, always moving forward.

Business is changing rapidly and demands that contracting practices keep up, and preferably stay ahead in anticipation of its needs.   I look forward to sharing my experiences, past and future, on the journey with you here.