Commercial Contract Management

Is it taking too long to negotiate your commercial contracts? Do you feel challenged by some aspects of the contracts provided by your suppliers or customers? Would you rather focus on your core competencies and delegate contract negotiation to a reliable partner?


Contract Review

Although you’ve resolved to review your contracts yourself, you have other priorities vying for your attention.  Negotiating and reviewing contracts is not your area of expertise and you are frustrated with the amount of time that it demands. Having an external lawyer review your contracts may provide you a good risk assessment, but unless he or she knows your business, you will be getting a generic solution for which you will pay top fees.  And can an external lawyer connect with you, your project staff and your non-legal customer counterparts?

Contract Negotiation

Once risks have been identified in a contract review, we apply negotiation techniques based on the Harvard Model to arrive at a consensus with our negotiation counterpart.  As a qualified commercial mediator, our principal has learned to look at our negotiation partner’s real motivation in an attempt to achieve a win-win outcome for both parties.

Technology Focus

So you have help with contracts, but not someone who is an expert in the technology lifecycle.  Imagine instead that you were to work with a technical contract manager, liaising with her at every stage of the contract review and negotiation.  You would be involved in the process as a decision-maker rather than struggling through the detail.   Drawing on a technical education and experience helps Ingrid communicate with and understand the challenges faced by internal teams, while her experience in business helps her communicate up to the C-suite.

Together with a great opportunity came a pages-long contract, which I was being pressured to sign by the next morning. All my excitement turned into fear and frustration. I contacted Dr. Slembek, who not only made time for me, but „re-installed“ my inner security. Going through the contract and finally understanding it gave me clarity on how I could negotiate, what to accept and what not.  

 Thank you for your straightforward help and your more than valuable input.