Your international contract expert

Inaccord provides the expertise you need to negotiate and conclude commercial agreements across boundaries of culture, language and expectation. Our proven experience means that your agreements are built on understanding, not misunderstanding, so you can get on with business more quickly.

Inaccord offers

Contract review of the full range of commercial agreements


Contract negotiation

Project document review

Post-signature contract management


Advice on the appropriate contract type

Establishment of the contract function

Inaccord specialises in agreements for the supply of hardware, software, professional and support services, as well as software licensing and cloud computing agreements.  We strive to formulate our documents in plain English to address the needs of global businesses.

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What kind of clients does Inaccord work with?
  • Small- to medium-sized enterprises that do not employ a commercial contract manager on a permanent basis
  • Companies whose contracts are primarily in English, e.g. doing business internationally
  • Companies in the information and communications technology sector
  • Developers and licensors of software
  • Providers of professional or support services
What services and expertise does Inaccord provide?
  • Contract negotiation
  • Contract review and risk assessment to help you reach a risk-balanced, win-win outcome
  • Knowledge and experience with IT services projects, international contracts, and high technology contracts
  • Native English language skills to increase the accuracy and clarity of your commercial documents
  • Flexible, neutral supplemental resources

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We’ll be very happy to assist you in your process and find the right solutions for you.  We strive to respond within 24 hours.