Reduce contract risk and get to purchase order more quickly

Clear expression and consistency in contracts are key in getting to purchase order quickly. 

Do you experience delays because your customers don’t have the level of business English needed to understand contractual language? 

When you use your customer’s templates, are you aware of all the commercial risks that they present? 

Identifying commercial risk before you sign the contract gives you the chance to negotiate terms that protect you against revenue leakage.

Commercial Risk Management of Your Technology Contracts

Commercial Risk Review of your:
  • Standard contract templates
  • Customer’s terms and conditions
  • Supplier’s terms and conditions
  • with the aim to
    • identify
    • analyse
    • evaluate 
    • address
  • risks
Design, writing and structuring of:
  • Commercial contracts
  • Contract amendments
  • Sales proposals
  • Statements of work
  • Project plans
  • Test plans
  • Change requests
  • Statements of compliance
  • Product documentation

Commercial Risk Review

You have agreed to use your customer’s or supplier’s standard terms and conditions as a starting point for your contract negotiations. The wording and organization is different from that of the clauses in your standard template, so it is not easy to identify the differences, and therefore the potential risks. I can decipher the contractual language for you, identify and explain potential risks, produce a risk assessment, and draft modifications and I

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can decipher the contractual language for you, identify and explain potential risks, produce a risk assessment, and draft modifications.

Contract Design

A single supply contract often extends beyond its main terms and conditions to include schedules for pricing, the statement of work, the bill of materials, maintenance and support requirements, acceptance criteria, etc. The construction of a contract under a master framework agreement is more complex, especially at a group level where several affiliates have the right to contract with you under the master agreement. Modular contracts have the

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advantage of addressing a single topic per annex or schedule, and layering terms according to authority in a hierarchical organization. A multipart and multilayer structure can become cumbersome to navigate if the overall architecture of the contract is not designed for the user.

Mastermind Program

You’re responsible for negotiating and drafting sales contracts at an SME in a technology field after having recently landed this responsibility. You’re getting along, although you sometimes have doubts and would love to have someone to answer all of your questions that start with “What is the risk here…What does that clause really mean…What if I change this?” A mastermind program may be right for you. When I was starting out in contract

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management having had others to talk through my challenges and brainstorm solutions with would have shortened my learning curve and given me more confidence in the early days of my role. I am a strong believer in the benefits of mastermind groups, which I have been facilitating for entrepreneurs for the last four years. I wish that I had found such a group in my early years in contract management to provide support that I had sorely needed.

My services and expertise

Commercial Risk Assessment

Commercial Contract Review


Risk identification


Remediation strategy


Contract mark-up


Statement of compliance

Negotiation support

Clear Contract Design


Plain English writing



Contract architecture

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What My Customers Say

I have had the opportunity to work with Ingrid on customer engagements during the pre-sales as well as contract completion phases since she started to support our commercial contracting efforts in 2004. She has managed often complex contract negotiations, leading both direct discussions with our clients as well as managing contributions from our internal stakeholders. Ingrid makes others in the teams she’s involved in work more professionally. She recently led complex contracts with two of our key customers in the Middle East. It demonstrated again that when Ingrid takes ownership, you know the job gets done to the satisfaction of all parties.

Henk Hofmans

Vice President Sales Operations at eServGlobal

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