Clear Contract Design

Plain language improves understanding 

Are you experiencing long negotiation cycles in your international sales transactions?  Does your staff spend hours discussing clauses with customers on the phone and drafting and re-drafting contract changes?  The time spent in lengthy negotiations is delaying your reaching agreement and issuing or receiving that needed purchase order.  Although English is the standard language in international business, the degree to which it is understood varies widely.  The language used in contract documents can be difficult for native English speakers to understand, so imagine the challenge that it presents to a non-native speaker.

Clear expression and consistency in contracts are key in getting from a sales proposal to purchase order quickly.  Misunderstandings and disagreements during solution delivery and acceptance are minimized when project documents align closely with the contract.  Documents that are not written in plain English slow negotiations and lead to misunderstandings, especially when working in an international context.

We draft and revise your:

  • commercial contracts
  • project documents
  • product documents

in plain English.

We align contract appendices and project documents with the terminology of your contract to avoid misunderstandings.  

We advise on an architecture for your contract and related documents to make navigation, location and modification of information quick and straightforward.


I was looking for the right person to review my master’s thesis in Information Systems; someone who not only masters English perfectly, but also someone who has experience working with technology-oriented documents. Ingrid was a very good choice for this exercise. She helped me a lot and added high value to my work.
Yannick Iseli

2014 winner of the best thesis in Information Systems in the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Lausanne (Switzerland)