Commercial Risk Assessment

We will perform a risk assessment of commercial contract terms, including:


  • Your standard contract terms, annexes and associated project templates to identify and assess commercial risks.  We make recommendations on how you can improve your commercial risk profile and will implement them upon request
  • Terms that you receive from a customer or supplier against your standard terms to identify areas of risk.  We make recommendations on how to respond in the context of an RfP response or contract negotiation and will support you during your negotiation upon request

Together with a great opportunity came a pages-long contract, which I was being pressured to sign by the next morning. All my excitement turned into fear and frustration. I contacted Dr. Slembek, who not only made time for me, but „re-installed“ my inner security. Going through the contract and finally understanding it gave me clarity on how I could negotiate, what to accept and what not.  

 Thank you for your straightforward help and your more than valuable input.