Master Your Contracts

Mastermind Groups for Commercial Contract Managers

Why Join a Mastermind Group?

You’re responsible for sales contracts at an SME in a technology field. You negotiate and manage your contracts yourself, even though you don’t have experience in the fine points of contract drafting. Your business doesn’t use law firms for commercial negotiation for either cost or efficiency reasons. Fourteen years ago, I was where you are. My first morning as a commercial manager for a tech start-up in Sydney, Australia was spent in a negotiation meeting with an established technology company and our external lawyer. Our external legal bill was so high that I was given the task of leading negotiations from that point onward. What followed was a steep on-the-job learning curve about negotiation, legal drafting and contract administration. The next eighteen months were tough as I absorbed information from every source that I could find. Having had others to talk through my challenges and brainstorm solutions with would have shortened my learning curve and given me more confidence in the early days of my role.
I am a strong believer in the benefits of mastermind groups, which I have been facilitating for entrepreneurs for the last four years. I wish that I had found such a group in my early years in contract management to provide support that I had sorely needed.

What is a Mastermind Group?

A mastermind group is a forum in which participants in similar circumstances receive support and peer accountability in dealing with issues in a safe environment.  It is a place where you:

  • Are challenged to grow by stepping up to the fullness of your being
  • Can surround yourself with people who want to grow and get things done
  • Can gain clarity and focus
  • Are supported by people who want what you want
  • Brainstorm with others to solve a problem that you currently face
  • Can learn from the strengths and experiences of others

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